Poetry Drawer: Composers and Mistakes: I’m Getting Old Now: Notes on Scraps of Screen Papyrus: Symphonic Waste: Life is Flamenco by Strider Marcus Jones

Composers and Mistakes when I see the evening,with it’s ordinary sounds and shapesso full of unbelievingcomposers and mistakescoming in-something wakes,and I begin. what I can’t affectis getting colderas I grow older,retreating inside-I could be your wreckif I was bolderand called … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Mavericks: The Blood That Makes Us Black: In Maid’s Water: The Head in his Fedora Hat by Strider Marcus Jones

Mavericks you taste of cinnamon and fishwhen you wishto be romantic-and the ciphers of our thoughtsmake ringlets with their noughtsimmersed in magic-like mithril mail around mestove dark forest, pink flesh seatouchings tantric-make reality and mythsconverge in elven riffsof music, so … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: She is a Suffragette: A Woman Does Not Have To Wait: The Two Saltimbanques: Hopper’s Ladies: Oviri by Strider Marcus Jones

She is a Suffragette her hair tumblesblowing like unfurled cottonthrough unforgottenfumblesin vegetationof our owninterpretationof each otherin the dark. my desk grownout of a tree sownfrom my loverwhere i carved these words in the barksitting in her branchesknowing what life isall … Continue reading