Poetry Drawer: Faces I’d Rather Stay Unfamiliar: This Idiot and a Half: 5:35 am by Rp Verlaine

Faces I’d Rather Stay Unfamiliar Pass me on streets disturbed,anguished, or sunkin unpayable debts ofyesterdays or tomorrow’sthat begin with lightand end with darkvoids lacking the velvetsoftness of dreamsof the unfamiliarshadings of hope. But today I seea man on a mildand pleasant … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Stranded in a Fairy Tale: In Between Sleep: Watching: Partnered To Lost Time: Too Early For Brunch by Rp Verlaine

Stranded in a Fairy Tale Far fromRomantic, therain untanglesour first embrace. A downpourcircumvents desirewhen she tells me“I have to go” while she attemptscovering her hair withthe poem I wrote her,undone in an instant. “My hair, my makeup”she shrieks, gettinginto a … Continue reading