Poetry Drawer: The Frog’s Voices: When I Am Old: Long Lost Memories: Memories of Grief Were Forgotten: What Are Those Strange Images, Which I Think I See? by James G. Piatt

The Frog’s Voices I listen to the voices of night frogs croaking,in the late hours of the night, and try tounderstand the meaning of their messagesechoing off the silver moon: Their hoarse voices curl through my sleepy,mind, sewing strange thoughts … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Night-time Memories: I Enjoy: Yesterdays of my Dreams: Untitled: Burning Tempo by James G. Piatt

Night-time Memories My world, a dark blue in itsVastness comes with achesAnd pains and a cache ofVisions that echo in theEbony void, of its emptiness.My music, filled with secretsAnd stories couples me toWinter’s wind as it ricochetsOff my nighttime memories. … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: The Strange Emptiness of the Night: Long Forgotten Memories: Strange Pulses in my Questing Mind: The Goddess in my Mind Garden by James G. Piatt

The Strange Emptiness of the Night Eerie emotions stormed through my weary mindas dark visions screamedinto my haunting memoriesstreaming through the wind,and as the moon flowed into the darknessof the unforgiving horizon,my mind was forcedto wade into the icy metaphoric … Continue reading