Poetry Drawer: Downtown Guy: Our Guru: I’m Corralled by an Uncle at a Family Gathering: Spring Rain: The Abandoned Lover by John Grey

Downtown Guy I’m ona half-lit streetwhere feral catschase ratsfrom Norway and a pawnshop windowis hawking stuffI recognise and sirens roarsomewhere off stage and alleys smellof piss and cheap whiskey and I hear voicesbut don’t see faces and the bar’s so … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Roll the Film, Gotham: Regarding my Creation: The Fruit of Middle Age: Romance: The Saga of my Office: At the Border by John Grey

Roll the Film, Gotham The source of nightfinally enters the city.Unwedded to sense,it conjures up a storm.An effort to become wholethrough union with anotheris thwarted by a stab of lightning,a roll of thunder.An imaginary picture in the mindis set aflame.So … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Adolescence: She Was Eighty Seven When She Died: Whatever Happened to Freeform Radio: On a Stretch of Arizona Highway: The Carved Giraffe by John Grey

Adolescence Despite his friends’ warnings,he fell in love with a red-haired girl.He took his feelings outside in the open,beat up a kid who said she had cooties.And was suspended from high school for his troubles. The red-haired girl is in … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Composting: Early November: An Aah Poem: Taxi: Lake Harmony, May 2020: Camping, the Safety in our Numbers by John Grey

Composting Earth’s been composting for centuries.Ted just hastens it a little.That wire-mesh bin is at the heart of it,five-sides and shiny wire,cut and assembled it himself.Twigs and roots, grass and rotting fruit –he stirs it together like making broth.Sure the … Continue reading