Poetry Drawer: About a Schizoid Going: All Sanity is Purple: Poetry for the Damned: Side by Side, Their Mindscapes Stirred: About Recovering Beauty: Mockery and Sons: The Schizoid Spreading: …Mad Dawn for the Crows: 1987: The Ward by Jim Bellamy

About a Schizoid Going (after Philip Larkin’s ‘Going, Going’) I thought I would pass through time –A sense that, against the crowds,There would still be sanity in body-and-mind,Where the nurses shout and climbSuch flowers as freedom shrouds;I thought I would … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: About Recovering Beauty: Recusancy and After?: We Cannot Hear the Sleep of Words: Through a Glass Darkly: I Neglect Nothing: A Kind of Decalogue by Jim Bellamy

About Recovering Beauty (after Philip Larkin’s ‘Ambulances’) Proud and professional, these bedsthread proud blooms of mystery, giveback a long, lingering orbto every schizoid smile. Bright,glossy, fay, charms on their backs,they come to rest on every ward:all streeted slab minds are … Continue reading