Poetry Drawer: Live Among The Shadows: What Is Love, Tell Me If You Know: The Market Rules Us All: Green Trees Don’t Make It: The Communists Are Out to Get You! by Jake Cosmos Aller

Live Among The Shadows Big DaddyLived in the shadowsHe did not exist. He was a cipherA nameless GovbotHe was a spookHe was invisible. He was a secret agent manHe had many namesMany fake identities.So many tales he told. He no … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Yet another Gun Death: Things My Parents Taught Me: Encountering Aliens: Howling at the New Moon Trijan Refrain: Encountering The Storm God by Jake Cosmos Aller

Yet another Gun Death Turning on the morning newsDrinking my coffeeSeeing the newsAbout the latest school killing This time in TexasAn 18- year old high school studentBought two assault weapons Shot his grandmotherThen went to an elementary schoolKilling 18 children … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Getting Lucky: waiting for the day: The Rising Storm of Sedition Overwhelms Us All: Tired and Burned Out – Let 2020 Go!!!: Toilet Gate Fit Metaphor for the End of the Trump Affair by Jake Cosmos Aller

Getting Lucky I have been extremely luckyIn lifeLucky in loveNot so much in cards Met the love of my lifeIn a dreamThen she became my wife Over the yearsWe have been extremely luckyAs our investments grew and grew Fuelled by … Continue reading