Poetry Drawer: Resurrection (After an Incident of Dying Birds, Midwest USA, 2021) by Keith Hoerner

No wind flowsThrough wingspan No liftForce No air-Foil Aves findThemselves As thrownStones Beaks rakingEarth like plows To sow dying swanSongs *GoldenSeeds* *Feathered Prayers* *Sacred Supplication* To germinate andGrow And as like Lazarus—rise again—And go Keith Hoerner (BS, MFA) lives, teaches, and … Continue reading

Flash in the Pantry: The Lakehouse : Change of Plan: Connecting Stars Like Dots by Keith Hoerner

The Lakehouse Deep below the lake’s murky surface, there sits—in tact—a house. A two-story structure of Carpenter Gothic details like elaborate wooden trim bloated to bursting. Its front yard: purple loosestrife. Its inhabitants: alligator gar, bull trout, and pupfish. All … Continue reading