Poetry Drawer: Enjoy It While You Got It: Living In The Now: Lost Again: Hey Baby: The Language Is Everything: Far From Home: Existing in the poem by Joseph Farley

Enjoy It While You Got It I was young once,Although I felt so old.I should have beenMore childish,Soaking up the wild morn. Now what am I?Old and fat and bald.Yet still youngerThan so manyWho only exist in the past. Living … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: On the Edge: The Gospel of the Delivery Man: Not Your Stooge: The Hare’s Lament: Zen Procrastination: That Ego Of Yours: Shadow People by Joseph Farley

On the Edge I am not the oneTo lead the herd,The one that chooses the pathThat leads to the cliffAnd the necessary fallAnd slaughter. I would rather be the oneWho staysAt the edge of the herdWatching and worryingAbout the wolves,And … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Tiny: As Days Go: Conscripted: Thug World: Times Like These: Slow Down It’s Only the End of the World by Joseph Farley

Tiny I think I’ll live a small life,not too long, not too short.I will do tiny things,tasks not worth observing.I will keep my head downclose to the earth,watching seeds sprout in spring,and thanking all for the harvest,however big or small … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Years Weigh on You Like Steel Feathers: The Islands: Strange as it seems: The signifier and signified: What I shall leave you: Because: December Birds by Joe Farley

Years Weigh on You Like Steel Feathers April and its madness,December and its sadness,n between green things grow,are harvested, eaten, covered in snow.The world turns brown and barebut you are glad you’re still there. Trees creak in the cold wind.Bones … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Always There: A Sense Of Rank: Dimensions: Family Album: Gasping for Air: Hard Time For The Circus Clown by Joe Farley

Always There Love is a lasting wordeven when it is temporary.Oh, that feeling. What was it?A spring fever?A sweet delusion?Yes, we both enjoyedthe rubbing of parts,a blessed friction,and all the skinwe touched,and the flowersgiven and received. It was all so … Continue reading