Poetry Drawer: The dress is mine: I’ll take the clouds, most days: The Ray days: The ‘D’ in Dave: I said “yes” by Emalisa Rose

The dress is mine It’s red, more like maroonwith sequin spaghetti strapssomewhat form fitting, aninch up the knee, lace, tulleand blinged. “Kind of risquefor an old broad,” Rick laughs. Bought as a bargain, but notin the basement. Ten percentoff, then … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Frog kiss, number 9: Betty’s dirty martini: The power of knitting: That super cone on the marquise: Letting go of the broom by Emalisa Rose

Frog kiss, number 9 Leaving Manhattan, we hoppedon the ‘7’ as the moon reappearedthrough the autumn of branches. Ensconced in the smoke and thesteam, your mid shelf cologneand acoustics of wheel clanking screeches through the twilightof tunnels, we rode the … Continue reading