Poetry Drawer: Walk in Kilns: Alarm: Cats: Chang Po by AE Reiff

Walk in Kilns

One cry up it sounds like light,
Octaves, voice and note
that shine in halls where fingers call
And voices are heard through walls.

The Plain debris of past
Digs down in rock. A crusty top
of cries and groans take off
for what’s beneath, to bypass thought.

Off with the hat, hair, eyes, skin, teeth,
Sail woods you think you know,
take a life among the clouds.
where light breaks for what is hoped.


Lay your hand upon the tinge,
incandescent hands of those who kindle light,
That’s how to walk in kilns.


My alarm
is like a city bus
when smoke
comes out the top,
it revs its engines
with a fuss
if nobody
gets off.


shake the head
climb the roof
wander off
Jump the house
Clear the bed

Chang Po

His clothes
hang on
every chair,
he is a liar
with short hair,
he rolls
the globe
off its stand
next to
a velcro shoe.

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