Poetry Drawer: Under the Same Sky by Sonali Chanda 

You did remember you and I; we
both took birth under the same sky.

And one day my shape was under threat; let the dark turn
more dark to disappear my fate.
What’s the fate?
You wrote as per your choice.
To kill my unborn child, to tear off my privacy, you went wild.
I am also that mother’s daughter, a daughter who had to stand in fire.
Let the fire raise, let my ashes fly
in the same sky under which
your mother was born.
You tore each of my petals,
my limbs and my soul too.
But you forgot I can rise again
from the ashes where
you ended the lust of your dick.

I forgot we once took birth
under the same sky.
I only remember you tore my strap and left some pieces of brawn.

But I won’t pray for your mercy,
I am not crippled any way; don’t expect any light from me- I chose
to rebel in dark
against your forcing rape.

Sonali Chanda is an eminent poet/writer/reviewer from Kolkata, India. She pursued her Post graduation degree in English literature and language from Burdwan University. At present ,she is pursuing her Phd in Post modern English Language, Indigenous Language of India, different usages of phonetics in Language. Her three books published and running successfully in Amazon and Flipcart Platform. She won the Nissim International award in 2020 for ” the excellence in Writing” for her Debut Travelogue Ladakh- Enroute Tibetan Taboos “.

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