Poetry Drawer: The Traveller by Raja Chakraborty

boots, smelling of here and there, long roads, unending hours

motel beds and sullied skin, roughage along rugged cheekbones

harsh winter, seasons on turn, fireplace or heartburn, calm water-blue eyes

oregano flavoured evenings, albatross wings, words exchanged in hello or goodbye

one closed door after the other, new room, unkempt future, checked bills

half-eaten dinner for rats, tips on a desolate corner table, future sunrise

ignition key on the move, tyres screech release, to a new dream, new flag down

through untold stories, haunted myths or chinese- whisper, shadows live on

Born and brought up in Kolkata, India with parents having an intense interest in literature, Raja Chakraborty grew up in ambient surroundings. Chakraborty is a bilingual poet writing in Bengali and English. To date he has published five books of English poems, and six books of Bengali poems/rhymes. He is also a regular contributor to magazines and anthologies.

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