Poetry Drawer: Many Moons: Only Illusions: Summer Sky by Jerome Berglund

   Many Moons

      medias res
smash cut in for punchline
     set-up never explained

      deer and hound
look startlingly similar
      splayed disemboweled by side of road

      just leave
cardboard stay in collar –
      puppeteer’s hand

should be fool proof…
      they had to add stickers

      darting flame
reflected appears to battle itself
      carnival glass

 Only Illusions

      one windmill rests
exhausted, lifeless
      out of breath, bushed

      walls press in
close quarters
      become trash compactor

      in the stage directions,
      everything goes wrong!

      old school squib discharges
none of painted noise for him…
      real, loud, messy

      morning dew
fog over rolling plains
      car with hood up

  Summer Sky

      roads closed ahead
under construction
      recalculating rerouting

      beside lavatory
just grateful
      to be seated

      rabbit tracks
are diminutive –
      look hard

      The prayer plant…
Is flowering?!  …The prayer plant
       is flowering!!

     squirrel on high bar
don’t tell him because has no wings
      is not flying

Jerome Berglund has many haiku, senryu and tanka exhibited and forthcoming online and in print, most recently in the Asahi Shimbun, Bear Creek Haiku, Bamboo Hut, Black and White Haiga, Blōō Outlier Journal, Bones, Bottle Rockets, Cold Moon Journal, Contemporary Haibun Online, Daily Haiga, Failed Haiku, Frogpond, Haiku Dialogue, Haiku Seed, Ink Pantry, Japan Society, Modern Haiku, Poetry Pea, Ribbons, Scarlet Dragonfly, Seashores, Time Haiku, Triya, Tsuri-dōrō, Under the Basho, Wales Haiku Journal, and the Zen Space. 

You can find more of Jerome’s work here on Ink Pantry.

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