Poetry Drawer: Life by Brian Edeki

Life is a molotov cocktail of joy and pain
Look into the mirror and feel sane or insane
The negative and positive forces at work
The way trouble can wipe away a smirk

A marathon life can seem, or a quick sprint
Some lives are a novel, others have just a few lines to print
How is life treating you some say?
That depends on moods or the time of day

The rich can be sad, the poor content
Even though one has a ‘Bentley’ the other can’t pay the rent
This thing called life that keeps the heart beating
New faces and trials we are constantly meeting

Toss the coin, or spin the roulette wheel
Ups and downs of life the Ying and Yang feel
Still for me life is a blessing, so enjoy your path
Even though tough times won’t make you laugh

Be optimistic even when the skies are grey
Believe in a ‘higher power’ and give a daily pray
The planet we live on is such a beautiful thing
Watch the moon and the stars and listen to birds sing

So from the cradle to the grave keep the head high
Life is a journey we travel until we die
Take risks, be careful explore new life
Have children spread your seed with partner or wife

As we all grow old the mind may change
Places and people the world seems strange
Through it all keep in mind we only have one chance
So take life by the hand and have the last dance

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