Poetry Drawer: In the meekest dreamery by Paweł Markiewicz

the dreamed red sun of the morning –
thus I get tender letters.
On wings of the morning glow –
I fly into lands of butterfly-like hearts.
In my vans – the poesy is indeed fulfilled.
I am looking at starry starlit moonlit night –
each starlets enchanting me on ways into ontology.
The silvery fantasy – heralds my ways to the dreamiest moon.
I am seeking the brightest star – the philosophical
as well as druidically poetical.
I will become blissful and Apollonian.
A meek elf showing me the moon
full of comet dust – the ambrosia
for dreaming souls.
Long live my auntie – the sibyl
with propitiously weird

Paweł Markiewicz was born 1983 in Poland (Siemiatycze). His English haikus and short poems are published by Ginyu (Tokyo), Atlas Poetica (USA), The Cherita (UK), Tajmahal Review (India) and Better Than Starbucks (USA). More of Paweł ’s work can be found on Blog Nostics.

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