Poetry Drawer: Calliphora Vomitoria (Blue Bottle) by Elizabeth Chell

In a fluid string of sun, she basks.
Spreads her iridescent cape that winks
Blue, green, blue.
She stirs. Swivels her eyes with a deft
Swipe of a cleft limb. Listens. Stops. Struts
And turns. Poised.
Intently inclines her head and waits –
Antennae astutely tuning in
Tasting vibes.
She shakes and gathers her virgin shawl,
Now exquisite enough to entice.
She dances,
Her inner rhythm stirs, and stresses-
Now is the time to tease her stockings.
So, she twists,
Pulls, strains and combs six appendages.
Preens hairs left, right, methodically.
Spittle on
Forelimbs, flannel and polish her head,
Probes her proboscis, picks it tidy.
The shaft of light switches, her feet tap
Out the tempo of her nuptial dance
and she’s off.
A parting shimmer and buzz of aqua
Surfs the tide of sun, and exits through
the window.

Elizabeth Chell is currently studying for an M.A. in Creative Writing at Leicester University. Elizabeth thinks flies are beautiful and scary at the same time. They underpin the eco system and pollinate on a wider scale then bees. They keep our planet clean.

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