Poetry Drawer: Applause of a Nightmare: Lips of Summer by Yuu Ikeda

Applause of a Nightmare

Applause of a nightmare
resounds in my room

I try to cover my ears
with floating images of you

But on the stage of boring energy,
I can’t escape from the applause

I don’t know what to sing
I don’t know how to dance

The applause never ceases

It looks as if
endless discord
dives into me

Lips of Summer

Lips of summer
kiss my eyelids fiercely

I feel the heat
I feel the beats

Waves of vehemence
ripples of softness
mix on my eyelids,
I’m soaked in
a curtain like fire

Yuu Ikeda is a Japanese based poet. She loves writing, reading mystery novels, and drinking sugary coffee. She writes poetry on her website. Published poems are in Nymphs, Sad Girl Review, and JMWW.

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