Nantwich Speakeasy Poets: Claire Bassi

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There are fruits aplenty,                                    Seeds blow, clematis breaks free,

though the lawn is tall                                        plums and pears ripely fall,

and brambles choke the trees.                         though brambles choke the trees.


Runner beans knot sweet peas                           Empty plates for china tea,

and trellis hangs from walls.                                no answer when I call.

There are fruits aplenty.                                       There are fruits aplenty.


Redcurrants hang in canopies,

stacked crates of apples in the hall,

yet brambles choke the trees.


Sorrow grows on without me

that nature will outlive us all.

There are fruits aplenty,

but brambles choke the trees.


Fast Friends

Big Mac loves company –

a quarter pound of flesh

and frothy hopes for youth.

Devouring deep fried dreams,

they fret about fat,

but can’t resist the flurry of friendship,

shaking and moving

in late night drive-thrus,

cream of the crop,

sustained by things Mama used to make.


Spring Soup

Pushing the start of season,

new shoots sprout with dorsal ease

from winter seeds,

split by late frost and noon sun.

I hope for future crops,

to taste success,

to prune and reap.

For now I love

the end of sleep;

the freshness of spring soup.


Coffee Shop

Almond milk, organic, steamed, poured over shots

of hot, smoked Arabica,

steeped with shards of cinnamon,

flown from India, peeled by the blind.

I stir, scoop foam.

A solitary coffee bean, alone,

polished, shined, reminding me

where I am, why I care.


Seventies Store

Jammie Dodgers

Peek Freans treats

Dundee biscuits

Shredded Wheats

Instant Whip

Wagon Wheels

Super Noodles

Vesta meals

All Stars crisps

Bazooka Joes

Bitsa Pizza

Cheese Ringos

KP Griddles

Rowntrees jelly

Double Dips

Gino Ginelli

Hubba Bubba

Chambourcy mousse

Galactic Space Dust

Um Bongo juice

Mojos, Pacers, Quattro, Screwballs

Whickers, Piglets, Noodle Doodles

Which ones bring back memories?

How many pleasures cease to be?


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