Inkphrastica: The Leveller by John F. Keane & The Reveal, When It Came, Surprised Him by Linda Cosgriff: Inspired by Mark Sheeky’s Oil Painting

The Leveller
(by John F. Keane)

The pale frog sprawls across parched canvas.
Cave-eyed in represented sentience
And limbless repose, he loves us not.

Across the craggy border goes the grieving man,
Cast from his hall of pride into a harder place.
His robes are rags, his sceptre now a staff
And all his storied wealth is barren slate.

The pale frog blinks and stirs.
His mottled, bloodless flesh gleams maggot-white
Across the starless void.

The Reveal, When It Came, Surprised Him
(by Linda Cosgriff)

I thought you were God, he wailed,
not frog.
I thought you exposed, he sighed,
not toad.
How can the amphibious, he wept,
be so insidious?

Mark Sheeky’s Oil Painting: The Resurrection Sonata: Improvisation On A Theme Of Toad: Part 1 of a Triptych (available for purchase)

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