Yuletide Poetry: Ten Minutes To Christmas by Steven Goodwin

At ten minutes to midnight, the night was still and calm,

The moon and stars light up the world, no cause yet for alarm.

It all begins at midnight; Reindeers swoop and sweep,

While lying silent in your bed, I hope you’re fast asleep.


When the full moon’s at it’s highest on a chilly winter’s night,

Make sure you’re in bed sleeping; make sure you’re out of sight,

Because Santa comes at midnight, if you’re awake he will not come,

At nine minutes to midnight do not spoil the fun,


Have you departed yet to dreamland, I hope that’s where you’ll be.

Dream and Christmas will soon be here, and your presents you will see,

Eight minutes to midnight, I hope your dreaming started.

Kings, Queens and fairies and those far off lands uncharted.


The Elves can sense your dreaming; they can sense when you’re awake.

Hopefully the sandman’s visited and your presents they do not take.

You see they only deliver presents when you’re finally fast asleep.

At seven minutes to midnight, I pray you finished counting sheep.


Six minutes to midnight, the night owl starts its call.

A warning to those not sleeping, a warning to us all.

Because Elves come out to check, and like Santa they check twice,

Get to sleep now, time approaches, that’s my sagely advice.


What happens if I’m still awake you ask, what will happen then to me?

At five minutes to midnight, I hope you do not get to see.

Do not be too frightened though, I’m sure you’ll get some gifts,

Just not all you asked for and put on Santa’s list.

You may just get some socks, and maybe some soap from granny too.

Four minutes to midnight, hush now, you should have finished on the loo.


Just three short minutes to midnight, I think you’d better run,

Elves come out checking, when the warmth’s gone from the sun.

Two minutes to midnight, they’ve been busy all year long.

I know too well not to be awake; their sleep sensor is too strong


Children not in bed yet, naughty ones not yet asleep,

Are not safe from Elvish sleep sensors so please don’t make a peep

No presents will be left for you; your stockings will be left cold.

At one minute to midnight, please do as you are told,


I gave you ten minutes warning, it’s not my fault, do not blame me,

Just make sure that you are sleeping and an elf you do not see.

My advice go bed early, make sure that’s where you stay,

And don’t go searching out at midnight and you’ll enjoy your Christmas Day.

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