Yuletide Poetry: Pysgod yn Wibli Wobli (Welsh for jellyfish) by Lavinia Murray

Christmas high tide took the sea inland

as it sometimes does

when it is bored with clutching sand


in the wash travelled three

Pysgod yn Wibli Wobli

wise jellies whisked on a journey


all three were virgin births

each had twenty four eyes

so knew both breadth of sky and girth


they braced themselves and swam

in their up-down full-flat way

when their fine tentacles found a pram


empty of content bar one wet bear

and a smart phone playing Christmas carols

they probed again nobody there


was the child tipped or lifted out

was the pram waiting, about to be filled

or a gift for the sea to carry about


they swam off in their open-shut way

pysgod yn wibli wobli

not sad nor happy with Xmas day

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