Poetry Drawer: The Stone Elephant by Kristal Peace

I didn’t

Tell her about

       The gavel, chestnut and

        condemning in its conviction, about

                The sentence that was read

                while I studied

                                my shoes,

                      About the bars that lined my vision morning, evening, and


                        About the time

                        out of the sun,

                               The hours

                                away from the world, about

                                The room I was given

                                At the castle, about

                                        My only friend

                                        on the range, about

                                                The stain

                                                That limits my ambition. Now,

                                        How do I tell her?

I am in love with her.

Kristal Peace is a lover of words. She loves their puissance; their ability to charm, dazzle, puzzle, stun, comfort, help, heal, inform and transform. In her free time she indulges her love of words and uses those majestic creatures to write stories and poems.

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