Poetry Drawer: The Cursed Crane by Alex Watson


I stood as ever stood, my head bent o’er.

My long suffering twin stared back in silence.

Above, a mechanical bid drenched the senses.

It was ever thus.


As the din receded for a moment,

My twin twitched; she fluttered her virtual wings

And spoke from her watery heart.

“Master Crane, for decades you and I have

Drunk together, froze together, endured together.

Today, I set you free.”


My wings fluttered, my metallic frame grew soft with down

My legs stretched, my toes stirred,

Nothing had prepared me  

But I knew my destiny.


I stood, as never stood, my head alert.

The herd of deer, the laughing girls, the quarrelling men.


I preened as never preened, my heart in bloom.

The wearied mums, the dashing kids, the brimming shops.


I flew as never flew, my eyes so bright.

The dashing waves, the endless sea, the fretful gulls.


I reached as never reached, my lungs on fire.

The bullet train, the temples stone, the paddies green.


I soared as never soared, my life reborn.

The islands green, the fishers dots, the cirrus soft.


I climbed as never climbed but hopes were crushed.

Those hideous birds, their engines black, their windows closed.


I wept as never wept, my tears in streams,

And cursed my twin who set me free.


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