Poetry Drawer: That Special Ordinary Day by Navratra

What should I ask for,
when my birthday is knocking on the door?
I’ll get lots of love and blessings,
and tonnes of gifts for sure!

A new dress will be ready for me,
which I’ll wear happily
I’ll paint the town red
with my friends and family

No, I’ll not be an ordinary girl,
though just for twenty four hours,
I’ll turn into a fairy,
with my hands full of stars

All these dreams still keep me awake
when my birthday is knocking on the door
But THEY say I am no more a kid,
celebrating birthdays are childish ideas,
which THEY don’t like anymore

I am growing up at the speed of light,
and this is my nineteenth birthday,
here the problem lies
Now I can’t show my excitement,
just for an ordinary day,
when I first opened my eyes!

Navratra is an emerging poetess (writer), public speaker and artist from Jaipur, India. Her poems have been published in various national and international journals like Sahitya Kunj, Indian Periodical, Ode to a poetess, Spillwords, Setu Magazine, The Criterion and elsewhere.  part from this, she is very interested in the thrilling trips of the country and the world and likes to write spontaneously on various subjects according to her observation.

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