Poetry Drawer: Surface Noise by Matthew Waldron

Cut grass holds a faint petrol scent; meadows mown.

A thin white plastic stick with petal-edged cup emerges in a cut and tumbled wave; becomes a rose woven into the surface: an ornate brooch upon the lapel of a green woollen jacket.  

Dried golden-brown by the sun, and removed forcibly from its host: a shattered limb, fissured; paper peeled away: revelations from its past.  

Splayed hands, jagged fingers that lift, curl in the breeze, stroking bodily warmth.

Underneath, a vast green-yellow stubble appears, and just-visible roots.

Rapid warm blades pierced this rich earth, disturbed its surface noise, all un-knitted, it will soon be knitted back again.


Soft fuzzed bands of red and black are broken: an intimation of evening thunderstorm, a parting cloud.   

Legs grasp at nothingness, remember portals, stems, petals, light and shade. Two perfect eclipses reflect a sweet working life fulfilled.


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