Poetry Drawer: Permanent Segments by R. Gerry Fabian

She asked how
powder was made
and he replied
from the eyes of goldfish.

Another time
they played fictional characters.
He was Stanley Kowalski

In one of those
paper thin moments
that psychologists journalise,
she asked him
‘Will you ever love me?’
He told her,
‘The Big Dipper held the answer.’

Today her home contains
an aquarium,
the complete works of Tennessee Williams
and a skylight in the bedroom.

The man that she married
doesn’t understand
why she looks out the skylight
when they make love.

R. Gerry Fabian is a retired English instructor. He has been publishing poetry since 1972 in various poetry magazines. He is the editor of Raw Dog Press. He has published two poetry books, Parallels and Coming Out Of The Atlantic. His novels, Memphis MasqueradeGetting Lucky (The Story) and Seventh Sense are available from Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble. He is currently working on his fourth novel, Ghost Girl.

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