Poetry Drawer: One Poem by Sushant Thapa

Let me think
One word
To talk about the day.
Let me feel
One feeling
To talk about the night.
Let me draw
One drawing
To colour life.
I dwell in my garden
I attain
The university of imagination.
Let me be one lesson
That rethinks the ambition
Of escaping time
Running away
With the modern cobweb.
Being me
Is the true
Unselfish desire.
It does not create misfortune
On the less fortunate ones and
Every possible door greets

Sushant Thapa is from Biratnagar, Nepal. His fourth book of English poems is going to be published by World Inkers Printing and Publishing, Senegal, Africa and New York, USA. Sushant has an M.A. degree in English literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. 


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