Poetry Drawer: No tertium quid by Sofia Kioroglou

In search of a morally uni-vocal answer
There is either right or wrong,
No tertium quid, no equivocity

Seek for the truth,
and meet with scandals and horrors
in multivocal clamor

You do not need bombs and bullets
to hush people’s gums and blur the truth
Terror can be masqueraded as substantive laws

Superpowerism as a promotion
of global movement for democracy
A regression of freedom into monarchical dictatorship.

If plongeurs thought at all,
they would long ago have gone on strike
Eric Arthur Blair mutters over his Chardonnay

The truth is diluted like wine
the sheeple are thrown into a quagmire
“Liberty is telling people what they do not want to hear”

Inky Articles: A Spotlight on Miltos Sachtouris: by Sofia Kioroglou

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