Poetry Drawer: Natural Tonic by Perry McDaid

In my back garden, admiring the trees,
I chilled for a while, considering decking
positioned to take advantage of breeze
in my back garden.

Cypress shared tang as birds, order-pecking,
chattered and quarrelled in various keys:
determining rank … then double-checking.

Yet this ruckus part of natural frieze,
excited squawks augmenting, not wrecking
the mood of plateau: peace which heart pleased
in my back garden.

Irish poet and writer, Perry McDaid, lives in Derry. His diverse creative writing – including more than 1000 poems and 300 short stories appears internationally in the like of Anak Sastra; Amsterdam Quarterly; Aurora Wolf Literary Magazine; Red Fez; Brilliant Flash Fiction, Alfie Dog and Bookends Review and his latest novel Pixels, The Cause and the Cloud Cuckoo is available for order online.

You can find more of Perry’s work here on Ink Pantry.

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