Poetry Drawer: Moon Boon by Dr. Anila Pillai

Reading the philosophers
From sun to moon rise,
Transcended to ages
the Infinite pain.

Memories radiate along,
With Blaring Roars and fierce Glints
through the pathway of deluge.
Serenity alluring through
Just like,
The absolute circle that radiates
taking the light of gleaning flame.

Memories with their cluster of pain
Gazing from the clouds
Emerge to reveal the blaze
Of Warmth in the dark.

Was then
The moments of sight
Still sharp and defined
A ball of brightness
In a feel of trance.

Smudged with emotions heavy
A smoulder I saw
Life in my hands
The torment, pain of life process –
Call it by any name!
Was no less than bliss
To see
My celestial boon.

Dr. Anila Pillai is an assistant professor of communication skills. She teaches in the land of Lions- Gujarat, India. Her passion is to pen her emotions in verse. She has published her literary creations as well as academic articles with national and international publishers. Kailani is her collection of poems published in the year 2022.

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