Poetry Drawer: It’s Just Business by Layota Kidd

What you want from me is something that I can’t
Give you
You want us to be together as one
But that is something that I don’t want
I just want to keep the sex and that is it
You want to treat me like a lady but I like
My life the way it is having indifferent men in my bedroom
I am all about spreading the love
I don’t want to give my love to just one man
I want to give it to every man in Detroit
I like to be wild and free between my sheets
I told you when you came on
I love convicts busting down my door
I got a client tonight, he is a big shot lawyer, I am booked tonight so I ought to move some appointments around
You want a woman that is only going to be with you only
I told you when I met you at the club
That my business and my clients come first
I tried the romance and the faithful thing for years
And I either got abused mentally and physically
You say it will be different with you
But I have heard that line before from different men
Sorry I just can’t take that chance
You’re a great guy but not for me
I love my love in the microwave, not cooked from scratch

Latoya Kidd has been writing stories since she was in high school. She met a student who inspired her to become a writer and he is her inspiration. When Latoya graduated from Central High school in 2000, she enrolled in Prince George’s Community College. She met a man who was also her instructor, Barry McCalla. He helped shape her writing and the result is that Latoya got her first fiction story published called ‘Waiting for my African Prince to Return’. Latoya has published other fiction stories like ‘Backdoor Woman’. All of these fiction stories were published in Reflection magazine at Prince George’s Community college. Latoya has also published fictions, non-fictions and poems in the Amulet magazine, Conceit magazine, Ultimate Writer magazine, and the Spiritual Magazine.

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