Poetry Drawer: Five Poems by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky


In deep sleep
     a sudden rush
                         of wings
     a swirl
of golden light
     with black

Heart hurts
Deep roots
         ripped   out
  in one fell swoop

O Mother
I was in
were in
            until that


in sleep
in dark

Go in one


of body’s husk
brain’s dread

knotted you

So much got lost
your laughter on the phone
your sturdy feet

on the path around the lake
the mischief in your eyes
harks back

to the last millennium
the time
between the wars

brief peace
you were a laughing girl


I ask the persimmon tree
You've harvested all
my fruit     What else
do you want?

I ask the dead leaves
on the garden path
"Where did she go?"

we crackle
under your feet   dry
as bones   long past
fall colors  empty vessels
for the wind

I ask the mountain
"Where is my mother?"
Here, says the rock
Here, says the scrub oak

Here, says the cloud
shrouding the peak
with one fell swoop
crow caws

Wake up   you fool
She's right behind you
pulling your wings down
lifting your head    to the sky

Your mother is
 your spine


In the dream I see
bright-red blood
a bloody show?

a miscarriage?
like the two   you had
before me?

You are a lake
I'm trying to
walk around

The path goes boggy
the reeds threaten
to pull me in

You are breaking up
mother    falling
into pieces   of a child's

fell swoop
a child's lost
loop   or perhaps

you are    the sap of
Our mother tree
Our body of blood

Our body of water
Our body of laughter
Our body of roots


I could tell you
the Women's March


Would you
get that

when   in fell swoops

in loops   of language
I explain
                   pussy hats?

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Berkeley, CA, and the Poetry and Fiction Editor of Psychological Perspectives, which is published by the Los Angeles Jung Institute.

Naomi’s “Madelyn Dunham, Passing On” won first prize in the Obama Millennium Contest. She has also won the Blue Light Poetry Chapbook Contest. Her work has been widely published and has appeared, or is forthcoming in Argestes, Backwards City Review, Barely South Review, Blue Lake Review, Bogg, Cadillac Cicatrix, California Quarterly, The Cape Rock, Caveat Lector, The Chaffin Journal, Circle Show, Compass Rose, Comstock Review, Crack the Spine, Darkling, decomP, Diverse Voices Quarterly, Dogwood Review, Drunk Monkeys, Earth’s Daughters, Eclipse, ellipsis…literature and art, Emprise Review, Euphony, Evening Street Review, Fourth River, Freshwater, Front Porch, G.W. Review, Ginosko, Ibbetson Street Press, Into the Teeth of the Wind, Jewish Women’s Literary Annual, Juked, Left Curve, Lindenwood Review, Mantis, Meridian Anthology Of Contemporary Poetry, Minetta Review, Monkeybicycle, Nassau Review, Origins Journal, The Penmen Review, The Pinch, Poem, Prick of the Spindle, poetrymagazine.com, Quiddity, Qwerty, Rattle, Reed Magazine, Runes, Sanskrit, Schuylkill Valley Journal Of The Arts, Serving House Journal, Shark Reef, Ship of Fools, Sierra Nevada Review, SLAB, Sliver of Stone, Soundings East, South Dakota Review, Southern Humanities Review, The Spoon River Poetry Review, Stand, Stickman Review, The Texas Review, Tiger’s Eye Journal, Tightrope, Verdad, Visions International, Weber Studies, Westview, Whistling Shade, West Trestle Review, Wild Violet, Willow Review, and in the anthologies Child of My Child, When the Muse Calls, and The Book of Now. Her fourth poetry collection is called The Faust Woman Poems.

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