Poetry Drawer: Carbon Copies by Pat Edwards


I have known death

have been close to it

watched a man die

heard my own death

whisper in the room


I am fifty-eight

each year of me

has seen violent death

in the name of causes

for this regime that power

to start something

end something

remember something


these detached deaths down the ages

did not touch me at my core

I did not know their smell

fragrance of oils that seep

from skin and hair

I did not know their voice

or know their breathing

I did not wave them off

to war to work to shop to play


I did not properly love them


these deaths will churn

in the loop of time

that holds the Earth

I will suck molecules

that held their last breath

I will feel their currents

timeless waves of lost

our carbon converging

in footprints of gone


I could not properly love them


Pat’s Blog

Pat Edwards is a writer, teacher and performer who arrived late to the poetry party, but ready for an all-nighter. She has recently appeared at Wenlock Poetry Festival where she read with Keith Chandler and Nick Pearson. No subject is off-limits for Pat, as her recent book “Flux” asserts. Pat lives in Mid Wales on the Powys-Shropshire border where she hosts Verbatim open mic sessions in Welshpool. She is currently helping to organise the Welshpool Poetry Festival which is on the 10th and 11th of June.

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