Poetry Drawer: Angels: No Place Like Home by Brian Edeki


Some are sent to watch us, and show us the path
Others are destroyers who will bring a certain wrath
Angels and demons, are said to be one and the same
One brings protection, the other brings suffering and pain
Anything is possible with a Guardian Angel by your side
But a demon will lead you to destruction through pride
We all need some extra help from the trouble life brings
From pauper, solider, nurse or drunken kings
An Angel will carry you when things are hard to bear
Alleviate any doubt, suspicion or fear
Climb the tallest mountain, survive the biggest fall
Angels help you when your back is against the wall
A Devil’s Angel on the other hand brings doubt in the ear
Causing you to panic, and act out of despair
Two sides of the coin, which one will you get
Will it be a loyal companion or a vicious pet?
Who knows how we are chosen, at random it seems
Do they come to us through deeds or dreams?
Majestic, beautiful Angels covered in loving grace
The destroying Angels also come with a loving face
Miracles and healing are an Angel’s gift
With their positive aura they give us a lift
But not all Angels fly and have wings
Descending from Heaven, above the cherub sings
There are earthly humans that have an Angelic nature
They live amongst us, but are guided by the creator
Willing to give their lives for the sake of others
And are not ruled by greed, or unfaithful lovers
An Angel in disguise that helps the poor and unwell
While other living Angels try to send souls to Hell

No Place Like Home

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle
From Liverpool, London, Manchester to Newcastle
Go around this world like Phileas Fogg in eighty days
Still you feel lost, like a wraith and stray
There’s no better place than where we call home
Mine is London, the home of the Millennium dome
Living in a palace may prove you have money
But I would rather be at home eating toast and honey
The smell of the sheets, my own pictures on the wall
Sit on the sofa, cook or shower, give a friend a call
A place to rest and escape the buzz of the city
I can stay in bed if I ever feel shitty
Play some Jazz, soul, rock and blues
Walk around naked if I drink too much booze

I’m not a rolling stone, don’t feel comfortable where my hat lays

And I get home sick after about ninety days
Dorothy walked the yellow brick road to get away
But there’s no place like home, she would say
Home is where the heart is constantly beating
Hot in the summer, cold in the winter, put on the heating
Our own island to escape the madding crowd
A place to feel happy and proud

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