Inky News: Warrior’s Bible by Bones



Bones is a performance poet. His new book Warrior’s Bible is now available. Keep your eyes peeled for his Inky Interview. For now, here is the introduction to his book:


Now I don’t know if you’ll agree but I KNOW it to be true! These lyrics this book ‘we’ wrote for you. Who’s we?

Me and d Higher Power, who’d be sendin me d lyrics hour after hour. Lyin in mah bed conversin wid HP in mah head, then 1 day they started sendin me lyrics instead.

It’s due seh I’m spiritual the Most High helped me become lyrical as well as inspirational, instructin and inspirin me to write this warriors bible for d people, for d likes of you aidin you to rise up and come through, cause believe me it’s way past due!!!!

You may think there’s spellin mistakes but it’s my kinda piss take pon d English language, sandwich that and street wid mah own lil beat, hope ya’ll find it sweet enuff to eat.

Digest it cause I’m no conformist had to express my individuality through non conformity cause I CAN’T abide what you perceive as normality!! Am I revolutionary? Absolutely!! And through dat I do tings differently!!!

I hope you enjoy readin as much as I liked creatin/writin. For me it was exhileratin, enlightenin and excitin. We’re badly in need of savin, let’s hope this is d salvation. Let’s unify, be of ONE mind, we ALL humankind, you best get ready cause your minds about to be fried.

Why you waitin? Stop deliberatin bout time d pages started turnin so you can start your TRUE learnin!!!!!


Get your own copy of Warrior’s Bible:

Email: [email protected]


Phone: 07852 321149




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