Inkspeak: The Comet by Rory Coward




I am the Comet

with a tail that lights up.

Brilliant white, very bright,

savouring happy nights,

pulled by the fiery sun,

to the orbit

of charisma

when her brightness is

so intense for a short while

but still memorable,

so satisfying.

Betrayed by brevity,

bringing withdrawal of the soul.

Then I am slungshot away

still bright for a while after.

Fading towards deep, dark space…

There is always a return,

after long sojourns,

So I smile.

when bought back by destiny,

via the long orbit,

around her never ceasing brightness,

however distant she is,

the sun never dims, though I lose my flashing tail

as the ice hardens.

That’s a better price

than never being graced

by her hot swirling void.

This is not a true love,

rather a series of happy, delightful,

cyclic passing acquaintances,

completing heart and mind,

spilling over,

when she hot shines





The innocence of her thoughts,

and those of experience,

for a young blazing star

yet to come to full potential,

with her raging flares shooting out

to surrounding space,

creating her auroras on the satellites.

That orbit more often

than I, The Comet,

can do.

Being in any orbit around her sunny mass,

is enough for my spirit,

with the knowledge

that my icy being,

will shine bright,

pluming out with

a radiant white, peacock tail,

when our influences

conjoin for that

brief piece of paradise.


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