Inkphrastica: The Trees and Beyond Mars by Marius Fate

The Trees

in the trees
of people we
hide from the
sound of their
wooden bones
that crisp
and creak we hear
them whisper about
us their voices
control us
the voices
we speak to,
type to,
at night;
they are trees.
They are trees!

Their voices control
us they shout
as one they
shout the trees
shout the trees
of people.

The trees
of people
silence us
make us scream
the trees
make us

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Beyond Mars

It was cold as the Twitter-scape.
It was fake as electric vape.
There was only a sense that there could be more than this.

There was nothing about the place
but a sign called hope
close to the door,

and the sign said
watch me singing karaoke,
hear me playing my acoustic,
latest internet sensation due,

drug me, stop me feeling sad,
out here in deep space, far away,
on a planet beyond Mars.

Make a wish upon a planet.

We began to feel ill again.
It was time for a pill again.
They were given out for free so it was not hard to refuse.
To be honest they gave a certain sense of not caring at all,

makes it easier to
keep on singing karaoke,
keep on playing my acoustic,
keep on following the facebook feed,

helps me, stops me feeling sad,
out here in space, far away,
beyond Mars.

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