Inkphrastica: The Sunset Years: Nicola Hulme (Words) & Mark Sheeky (Oil Painting)

The sunset years are beckoning me
they whisper my name each night.
Youth softly slips from my fingertips
as my body loses its fight.

Like the snail I move much slower now.
My eyesight fails and all is blurred.
I catch only half of what’s been said
never quite sure I’ve correctly heard.

My seized knees hurt when I climb the stairs.
I puff and groan as I try to stand.
Changes have crept up on me
That never featured in any plans.

But as I slide down the craggy slope
Alone, my outlook is far from grim.
I have great faith in adventures to come
when my earthly light dips and grows dim.

Nicola Hulme: Write Out Loud

Mark Sheeky’s Oil Painting: The Infinite Tiredness Of Ageing (available for purchase)


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