Inkphrastica: The Passion Of Anna: Ken Pobo (Words) & Mark Sheeky (Oil Painting): Part 2 of an Ingmar Bergman Triptych

My face, gone.
I stumbled around since
I had no eyes, hoped it would return
like the dog I lost in fifth grade.
I made coffee and even drove to work.
No one said anything. Perhaps
my face had been erased for years,
maybe since I was born,
only I kept picturing it there.
Is this common? Without a face,
I couldn’t see others. Had I ever?

The sky, I presume, still appeared,
a stale gray the same as my good suit.
I used to say my,
what a pretty world this is,
cornflowers blue as my grandmother’s
church hat, asters poking red swords
in a bloated breeze. I may dream
a whole new self tonight–

it’s happened before. Selves
form and melt, ice on a puddle.

The Passion of Anna: Artwork for sale by Mark Sheeky

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