Inkphrastica: She’s Cold by Dorinda McDowell & Ever Changing by Nigel Astell: Inspired by Mark Sheeky’s Watercolour

She’s Cold
(by Dorinda McDowell)

She’s cold.
She’s almost drowned out the sun with
her tears; they did not stop for days:
see that sun almost falling from the sky!

The black menace in the corner is
a frightening reminder of her
desperate journey.
The sea was cold.


It is still the same sun
and it hasn’t fallen from the sky.

And she sees the flowers
and she loves their vibrancy.

They are from the earth and she
is on that same earth, and
not on the leaky boat now.

She takes the mug of tea
from the kind lady.

She is safe.

Part of her aches for happier

Her youthful, aged heart sighs and
begins its crippled recovery
towards a slowly blossoming
new hope…

Ever Changing
(by Nigel Astell)

Blue sky rider
signal flower red
traffic light hill

Standing upright defiant
history remains black
against life itself

Cycle of demands
our turbulent earth
ever changing world.

Mark Sheeky’s Watercolour: The Schoolboy (available for purchase)

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