Poetry Drawer: Birthright Profane: Opal Ball-Dress: Mustang Chalice: Sonnet CCIII: Descending Love by Terry Brinkman

Birthright Profane Drawn up the limit of tenSwelling caves in silk hose she often leaves thenInsulting to any lady double-envelops whiteChastise her horse-wimping vainUnbuttoned her gauntlet with laughterShe flogs no such thing insaneLittle poor girl by the rock rafterGhost woman’s … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Slowly Crept: Sonnet CDLXXXXIV: Sonnet CDLXXXXIII: Sonnet CDLXXXXI by Terry Brinkman

Slowly Crept Charity to the neighbour absurdWolf in Sheep’s clothingMonks and Friars slowly creptBearing Palms and Harps of the BlackbirdPatrons of holy youth sleeping BluebirdWomen blessed symbols sleptDragon Lilies robes we keptInk horns eyes of Lady-dove Sonnet CDLXXXXIV Dumpy sort … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Sonnet CCCII: Sonnet CCLXXXXIII: Sonnet CCLXXXXIV: Sleepy Whale 485 & 491 by Terry Brinkman

Sonnet CCCII Wine country returning to Napa and Sonoma tooCamping to teach kids about safety in their roomsSmart Home new service for the groomSouthern Oregon’s leaf strewed KazooCalifornia’s wine country is bouncing back to-doLarger than life instaurations of the sun … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Forgive Me: Turd Puzzler: Contretemps Queen: Sheaf of Yogurt: Man’s Walk by Terry Brinkman

Forgive Me Man with long alabaster hairWill they forgive me?Ghost woman fair man ecstasyWhite-lighten nightmarePlaying fifty one deck solitaireLost in Blue-silver PoetryStopped stranded twining absurdityCounty Fair games unfair Turd Puzzler Attributed to our raccoonGhost-woman’s tenacity of hatreds to domestic HalloweenUncommon … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Coppers for a Bluebird: Herds of Deer: Sonnet CCCXXVIII: Eyes of a Raccoon: Kiss of a Queen by Terry Brinkman

Coppers for a Bluebird Fore Coppers for a BluebirdFasting at her house means drinking only beerWell worth the money buying her gearPicking your pocket like a BlackbirdMozart’s Twelfth Mass moody as absurdTwo out of Eighty can’t hearWith a second to … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Dark plot: Without half trying: Pink Storm Kiss: Couth erg: Yum Yum Gin by Terry Brinkman

Dark plot Looking under the bed for what’s not thereDreaming of, climbing the MaypoleDrinking juices of the Olive PressKiss is the dark plotWhite Rose scent, passion silent wearing a BlindfoldMaking friends with a crying RobotAlabaster silent dark woman smileViolet stars … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Eyes of Green: Sonnet CDLXVI: Sonnet CDLXIII: Sonnet CDLXI by Terry Brinkman

Eyes of Green Not known strains from eyes of greenTic pleasure of floral lightProceeded to the Jordan River at twilightErin of Salt Lake Barges burning KeroseneSeismic disturbance brings the NazareneShe’s always a mass of ruins at daylightViolet atmosphere perturbation nightLimb … Continue reading