Poetry Drawer: Boundaries (to Jean Baudrillard) by Rus Khomutoff

Hyena season genesis grasp secret psalmin search of duende…this eventuality’s carnival row exit in memoryreclaiming time with unexpected grace notesvagabond of the margins, mantic flameburning up the green guardianassignations crestfallenbetween music and silencepledge of presence afterfalloperative x knocking on the … Continue reading

Inkphrastica: Song of Freedom Oasis by Rus Khomutoff (Words) & Now That’s What I Call Blue by Mark Sheeky (Oil Painting)

Usurp of the jonquil intervoid happenstance arrival pending a severing of the apparent encore distant cries and blossom bones enduring eternity a face of genius in full measure of the spectacular now the explicit nevermind of bulletproog passingness always unfinished … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Vitality of Literature: Motion & Stillness in Rustbelt City (Buffalo, NY): Antipoem: Depression: Disintegration by Connor Orrico

Vitality of Literature Subtending void,vanished time,actualizingmy absence. Sempiternal wordscreated life —please preservemy presence. Motion & Stillness in Rustbelt City (Buffalo, NY) Seeking the heart of a citymay be a false quest:is not each human heart,each structurein the built environment,each shape … Continue reading