Poetry Drawer: Composers and Mistakes: I’m Getting Old Now: Notes on Scraps of Screen Papyrus: Symphonic Waste: Life is Flamenco by Strider Marcus Jones

Composers and Mistakes when I see the evening,with it’s ordinary sounds and shapesso full of unbelievingcomposers and mistakescoming in-something wakes,and I begin. what I can’t affectis getting colderas I grow older,retreating inside-I could be your wreckif I was bolderand called … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Vitality of Literature: Motion & Stillness in Rustbelt City (Buffalo, NY): Antipoem: Depression: Disintegration by Connor Orrico

Vitality of Literature Subtending void,vanished time,actualizingmy absence. Sempiternal wordscreated life —please preservemy presence. Motion & Stillness in Rustbelt City (Buffalo, NY) Seeking the heart of a citymay be a false quest:is not each human heart,each structurein the built environment,each shape … Continue reading