Poetry Drawer: Exchanges detail quotidian sandwich: Affected Collagen Dissolving: Transient Substation Oxygen: Linear Absorption: terrestrial by Joshua Martin

Exchanges detail quotidian sandwich twisted figures function like toothpicksponder subjugation circles in village colourself the pants principle to grammatical tensethrough wacky intrusive logic shocked centerspropulsive reflections fascinate like attractionlimit quirk to linguistic subterfugethick unshakeable compelled repeatedpicking margins flattening refuge arbitrarilyinsecure … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Canary Island Singing: Desk Drawer Enterprise: Indifferent Lack of Initiative by Joshua Martin

Canary Island SingingThwack!Performance piece disintegratestoes pointing in stubborn candle wickdiary of a mad Madonna & child Race to pomegranate shufflingboard games: whack a mole! Zeroing in on skull fracturesummon enough airtightdesk lamps to strut                         standing orange                         grove grooving                sounds of escape                blaring bam!                                 bam! looming diaphanousalabaster pole Desk Drawer EnterpriseCarpenter bee dizzyadolescent scrape scrape scrapinglook at that woodwork!whew!                 rope length hair          lines         criss to the                                 crossingmannerisms spellgrief       X Y Z Indifferent Lack of InitiativeYoyo diatribedaughter of canned hamnever had it so good as                           indifference razor eyelash arm expandedthe quiet            is the pulse      shivering magnetic field Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is the author of the book Vagabond fragments of a hole (Schism Neuronics). He has had pieces previously published in … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: She is a Suffragette: A Woman Does Not Have To Wait: The Two Saltimbanques: Hopper’s Ladies: Oviri by Strider Marcus Jones

She is a Suffragette her hair tumblesblowing like unfurled cottonthrough unforgottenfumblesin vegetationof our owninterpretationof each otherin the dark. my desk grownout of a tree sownfrom my loverwhere i carved these words in the barksitting in her branchesknowing what life isall … Continue reading