Poetry Drawer: From the Pound Cantos: CENTO XXIV: A line from Margaret Atwood: geographies: Chorley: Cursive script by Mark Young

From the Pound Cantos: CENTO XXIV This is Mitteleuropa. Guns are amerchandise. Have special privi-lege. No retail tax or any of theother taxes, no broken contracts.Everything in its place, & nothingleft over. Let things remain as theyare. A perennial extension … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: From the Pound Cantos: CENTO XXX: Letter to a young poet: alongside an episode: I / tried to / reel her back by Mark Young

From the Pound Cantos: CENTO XXX I cannot make it cohere abovethe cigar butts, against thisblackness. Here error is allin the not done, what followswithin & persistently, funda-mentals in critical moments.These stones we built on toput land back under tillage, … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Eventually: The Councilman, in his tutu: The King James Version: Alpenstock by Mark Young

Eventually Acrobats abound on the benchesof the transit lounge. Everyoneelse is staying clear, washing theirhands in rosewater or anointingtheir brows with the blood ofpygmy possums. Curtains aredrawn across the picture wind-ows, dampening down the noise of luggage trolleys, keeping outthe … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Interaction is crucial: Brand positioning: Three French Horns: Another set of anterior appendages by Mark Young

Interaction is crucial The most elegant inter-pretation of quantummechanics states thatmacrophages are re-quired for a parallelreality to exist; & thatcan only happen ifzebrafish are the sole peer-reviewed speciesallowed to be taken outof captivity to becomean accepted model forneuropsychiatric studiesinto tissue … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Making: “& see all these things”: The Pound Cantos: CENTO XXII: geographies: Mojave Desert by Mark Young

Making The van brakes, but at a lessfrantic pace. That’s what lifeis like in lockdown. Differentuses though the same materialsprovided. Now we make single-serve liturgies of cryogenic icecream; filled loosely, uncompacted. She calmed down after he’d fini-shed talking. The photographer’sshadow … Continue reading