Poetry Drawer: Shake Infinite Do: Tart Mayhem Brick: Rate Reek Bikini: asleep in the brambles: awash in graceful varieties of limping by Joshua Martin

Shake Infinite DoBill to Gross A cinched Flame     threw – – – – – form – – – – –MOAN   a   Lease   A   attacked              forbearance wheelbarrow(un)avoid(able)                      conflictNegation                     therapy– – – – – pursuit phobia            stoic branch – – – – –     happy harpy made a PenIs     never     underworked  hairy     chest     heave X-Ray            tape            measure      treasure Tart Mayhem Bricknew        release        PeR        gloved     hand             FuLL                      steamshipping label cut upwardfeatured Wrist home inpigeon foRt short hOpe InhAlf maverick round UPsupper formulation ProTecTed        d   e   g   r   e   e Rate Reek Bikinidefamation triangulation doubt bricksspeechless brother of a tonic spandexTangent practice metal accessibility leak        memorial speech        fired expatriate        acid steam                         intimate bAr                         WaX        ed asleep in the brambles crisp snowflakes                        on the frontlines of global teddy bear wars         rainstorms with oats        unforgettable suspenders                stretched like a mislaid zig zag               of loch ness monster promenades this prolonged wonderment spinning like a helicopter awash in graceful varieties of limpingcashews shovelling gelatin racing down bankruptcy     fingernails could grow six, seven, eight inches              motorcycle attaché trifle snickering the bunch of clumsy grapespunch a stage hymn                         a dinosaur skeleton                        in cheap fabrication                        backsliding Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is member of C22, an experimental writing collective. He is the author most … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Stick Figures Increase Cautious Limbs: Vague Threatening Ideologies: Made to Fail: warbly ounce of rosary: circumstantial assertions avoid by Joshua Martin

Stick Figures Increase Cautious LimbsDebate a raginto a frayed jacket,            boundless shade            structured around a colleague.                     Yet grin. Misses function until a baron avoidsbleeding that bestows a process beneath a pulp,                             shoes CRATER earth                             ,     from chaos Meek neck. Pedaling mysterious takedowns in a potdelivered as a battered orange motionprocessing an ignored hive:                          Pockets Swell,                          express floundering                          rough draft translation.      chemical leather strap. Last bit                                             of a crumb,                                forthwith blemish                                of limitations – – –                menacing forlorn vistas, vibes,                                                      instantaneous verge. Tug & tackle & twilight                             white noise. Vague Threatening Ideologies not a tongue animating stickbut the present tense sneezingof a formaldehyde trapdoorcinching ventriloquist dummyless than          OR equal TOa fetus protected                      more than                      an idea     , as if communion wafers       were nourishment, thothe insteps performmatter of fact hexes                              UNTIL               all abandoned possibilities               become the summation               of     a                           Nation.  Made to Failfaster strutting                   cipher,          analysisglowing              disembodied.      eagle birthing                        one                          by                            onea murder of crows.                all worth         monumental                       chicaneryof a liver,            plush.                  imaginary                 centre,       symbolic genealogy. regulatory effects,           this last           of luxurious empires: all that crumblesand fades andburns        from resisted        needs. warbly ounce of rosary portray miniscule trouser snippetscough   cough   cough   cough   cough        machine          HITS     sound    FiLe                      escape:    ‘harder than a neon empire sweatsuit’& cylinder EXITS bellow cruising chop                                               , whoosh                                                      WHOOSH ,,                         whiffing weapons of           MaSs        discontent     – – –   ‘shower & join us                                                            on the boot farm’ – – –bona fide fourth trench of the industrial circuswindow shipping vampiric snapping flask                   ]whosoever blanched meeting martini shades[ ,,,    AdDeD       bUrSt     of    yearly    stipend. circumstantial assertions avoidheretics assent outlining caricatureslack distinguished section V further addresseddisease of profound anemic limpingall due wounded apprehension species                      glow certain forms                     common integral list                     proper pooling arguments of each     of giving          of ultimatum lungs                                provided oxygen hampers                               an end a functional virtue                               wither substance however                               such skills lacking weapon                               existence assigned wholly             destroy communal controversy            the hollowed void of partial citations            resisting the logic of common sense Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is member of … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Exchanges detail quotidian sandwich: Affected Collagen Dissolving: Transient Substation Oxygen: Linear Absorption: terrestrial by Joshua Martin

Exchanges detail quotidian sandwich twisted figures function like toothpicksponder subjugation circles in village colourself the pants principle to grammatical tensethrough wacky intrusive logic shocked centerspropulsive reflections fascinate like attractionlimit quirk to linguistic subterfugethick unshakeable compelled repeatedpicking margins flattening refuge arbitrarilyinsecure … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: detailed descriptions of spiders: volumes institute cloudburst singles: full service glue wisp: headphone spark plug: contracts display overabundance by Joshua Martin

detailed descriptions of spiders touching imperils greenstudies dart gun handlespardons dusty tartsskirmishes military carriagedalliances dance penguinsatrophied encyclopediadogmatic banjo drinka drunk in a kangaroo tankless evil than a tooth fairy volumes institute cloudburst singlesNow you KNOW televised plutoniumcharts PATHS between GRAZING invisibilitylittle GUSTS of hiding a distorted rendering           CircuS peeling mousetrap          HOLEs where fingers SWELL          softer & stiller than a YACHT full service glue wisptelephone hooks catfish mummypopularized three stooges dinner partygames provoke pin cushionspangs of ulcerated shovel digging big BOWL of sugar CUBES& frozen vehicular kidneys           STRAINed against screen      spenT     ON          sabbaticalframed w/in horseshoe wolfhoundbarnacle sunsets regained headphone spark plugperversions lustrous as angel hairpasted contracts flame kickingoutward model faculty embalmedcopied notepad legalized budget      prioritized up & coming machete     glow fish resigning commission starting time warp haikumembrane pontificatesprovincial tunnel parade           traffic poisons prisms          readies atmosphere          unknown utilities          supersized leave taking      milestone toasted grace crowd     hedgehog placemat grinder a lucite table legmannequin football roastcanned to hint w/o appeal … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Canary Island Singing: Desk Drawer Enterprise: Indifferent Lack of Initiative by Joshua Martin

Canary Island SingingThwack!Performance piece disintegratestoes pointing in stubborn candle wickdiary of a mad Madonna & child Race to pomegranate shufflingboard games: whack a mole! Zeroing in on skull fracturesummon enough airtightdesk lamps to strut                         standing orange                         grove grooving                sounds of escape                blaring bam!                                 bam! looming diaphanousalabaster pole Desk Drawer EnterpriseCarpenter bee dizzyadolescent scrape scrape scrapinglook at that woodwork!whew!                 rope length hair          lines         criss to the                                 crossingmannerisms spellgrief       X Y Z Indifferent Lack of InitiativeYoyo diatribedaughter of canned hamnever had it so good as                           indifference razor eyelash arm expandedthe quiet            is the pulse      shivering magnetic field Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is the author of the book Vagabond fragments of a hole (Schism Neuronics). He has had pieces previously published in … Continue reading