Poetry Drawer: Tête-à-tête: COVID-19 Featureless: COVID 19 Charades: He snored away by Dr Susie Gharib

Tête-à-tête What do you make of your first relationship?Extremely pathetic.How would you describe him?A rogue but with a profession and a suitcase.What did you learn from that experience?That some men never grow beyond the teenage stage.Was he handsome?Beauty is in … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: The Cost of Living in Daydreams: The Cost of Living in Your Heart: A Renegade: Heroes in the Seaweed by Dr Susie Gharib

The Cost of Living in Daydreams My adaptations of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Villette, and The Waveshave been adopted by three Hollywood directors for the big screen,with Hans Zimmer as the main candidate to write the music themes.My first collection of … Continue reading