Poetry Drawer: The swimming pool: One shouldn’t fit: The overly personal poems: Fear of losing: The train goes thwacking by DS Maolalai

The swimming pool I aim a sprayof bleach. the bathroomsmells stronglyof swimming pools. expecting visitors,I touch my mask,and scrub the toiletspotless. an attendant,tired and earlymorning, longon a hotsummer’s day. One shouldn’t fit on a bus, and seeingthe mind inside eachof … Continue reading

Poetry Drawer: Resignation letter: Going back to London: Ice cream: Describing Cheryl: The bait by D.S. Maolalai

Resignation letter the office they gave meheld a viewof birds. how thenshould one focuson scheduling appointmentsand booking callswith contractors? flight stretchedlike a long armover mountainsand tangled tablecloth. Going back to London it looks like I’m goingto be going again –something … Continue reading